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Employment Lawyer near Long Beach, CA

Our office has successfully represented several employees who either lived or worked in Long Beach. We have recovered hundreds of thousands in just Unpaid Wages for our Long Beach clients. 

Contact us today to see how we can help. Each claim of Wrongful Termination is case sensitive and requires a detailed consultation.

For the over 462,000 residents of Long Beach, CA, life revolves around family, work, and enjoying the sunny and fair weather California offers year-around. Our Los Angeles County lifestyles create an exceptionally positive outlook, which is why things become grim quickly when employees are faced with unfair and damaging behavior in the workplace. At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney in Long Beach, CA confronts workplace injustices head-on, allowing employees to face their employers with confidence when enforcing their rights.

The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency provides an outline of employment laws that must be upheld by employers to satisfy the expectation of a healthy working environment. When that atmosphere is disturbed by unlawful activity, including discrimination, harassment, or wage theft, our Disability Discrimination Attorney represents our Long Beach community with fervor to fully recover our clients’ dignity, pride, and financial losses.

Large Employers in Long Beach, CA Provide Diverse and Skilled Opportunities

The Port of Long Beach is the second most active container port in the United States and functions as one of the largest shipping ports in the world. Also known as the Harbor Department of the City of Long Beach, this massive seaport generates approximately $100 billion in trade while employing more than 316,000 people in Southern California.

Other large employers in Long Beach, CA include:

The size of a company, and the revenue that it generates does not insulate it from the employment laws that govern employee safety within its confines. If you believe you are suffering from a workplace violation, contact our employment law attorney at Eldessouky Law in Long Beach, CA today for help.

Eldessouky Law Employment Law Practice Areas in Long Beach, CA

At Eldessouky Law our primary focus is helping employees hold their employers responsible for workplace injustices that are included in our key practice areas, which are:

Legal Protections for Employees in the State of California

The California Governor’s Office signed the Wage Theft Protection Act in 2011 to protect employees from the denial of wages and benefits that are rightfully owed to them by their employers.

These protections prohibit employers from:

  • Committing minimum wage violations
  • Failing to pay overtime wages
  • Applying illegal deductions
  • Misclassifying employees
  • Working off the clock
  • Failing to pay employees at all

As of January 1, 2017, the California Labor Department outlined the California minimum wage requirements as:

  • Businesses with 26 or more employees must pay employees at least $10.50 per hour
  • Businesses with 25 or fewer employees must pay employees at least $10.00 per hour

The Department of Industrial Relations outlines overtime as hours worked beyond an eight- hour workday, six consecutive days per week, and the payment methods that follow:

  • Beyond eight hours, through twelve hours in a single workday: 1.5x the regular rate
  • First eight hours on the seventh day: 1.5x the regular rate
  • Beyond twelve hours in single workday: 2x the regular rate
  • All hours exceeding the first eight hours on the seventh day: 2x the regular rate

If you believe your employer is withholding wages, including regular pay or overtime pay, inadvertently, but they have not corrected the issue since you pointed it out, you may have a case against them. If your employer is purposefully withholding wages and benefits, you definitely have a case against them. Employers must pay employees the wages they are due on the pay date that was established at the time of employment. Late pay dates, withheld payments, and lack of corrections to payments and their schedules are illegal.

Our employment law attorney in Long Beach, CA at Eldessouky Law can help you understand your rights by examining your records and requesting your employer’s files through a court order to ensure you are being paid fairly for the work and hours provided. Contact us now, and let us help you get the money you deserve.

Contact Our Employment Law Attorney in Long Beach, CA Today for a Free Consultation

Working hard comes with the benefits of being paid by your employer, and if you feel that you are not receiving the pay or benefits you deserve by law, contact our Long Beach, CA employment law attorney at Eldessouky Law today at (714) 409-8991 for a free consultation. Our experienced Long Beach employment law lawyer can help you determine unlawful wage theft circumstances that are inferring with your quality of life, and hold your employer responsible for their oversights. Contact us now to discover the best legal course of action to recover your lost wages, and the additional financial damages that are afforded to employees by California state laws.

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