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Am I Working In A Hostile Environment?

Our employment law attorney at Eldessouky Law in Anaheim, California is devoted to providing legal solutions for employees who are suffering from the emotional and physical trauma a hostile work environment can cause. Going to work is not always fun or easy, but it is each employer’s legal obligation to provide their employees with… Read More »

Get the Help You Need for Bicycle Accident Injuries in Long Beach

Bicycling, while a great way to exercise, commute, or enjoy the beautiful California weather, is still a very dangerous activity in Long Beach. While drivers are supposed to be sharing the roads with bicyclists, as they are considered vehicle drivers who must follow the same laws as other drivers who are behind the wheel,… Read More »

Should My Employer Pay Me For Drive or Travel Time?

Employees are often unsure of what constitutes paid travel time and what falls under unpaid commuting time, and rightfully so as the specifics of which is which can be confusing. When you work in a position where the line is blurred, it is possible that you are leaving money behind, simply by not knowing… Read More »

Pedestrian Fatalities Are the Highest In The State of California

Despite city planning and upgrades that include safe walking paths, additional crosswalks, and pedestrian education materials, the State of California ranks highest throughout the nation in pedestrian deaths, accounting for 867 last year; 130 of which occurred in Los Angeles alone. Throughout the country, there are more than 70,000 pedestrians injured each year, and… Read More »

How Can I Tell If I Am Owed Overtime Pay?

Most California employees are entitled to overtime pay unless they are exempt employees, who typically work in salaried positions — who are not paid an hourly wage. The State of California has strict overtime wage and hour laws that must be followed by employers. When they are not, either by their misunderstanding of the… Read More »

Employment Law: Medical Leave

How Long Can I Be on Medical Leave in California? The short answer is, it depends! If your Medical Leave fall unders one of the sections below, you may be limited to those dates. However, this does not mean you must be terminated if you exceed those days. There are different sets of state… Read More »

Employment Law: Disabled Employees

Commonly Misunderstood Rules for Disabled Employees in California The California Fair Employment and Housing, or FEHA, offers more protection to our state’s employees than the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, provides, as the verbiage extends well beyond the latter’s coverage. Since California laws differ from the federal version, misunderstood rules for disabled… Read More »

Personal Injury: Distracted Driving

A New Leader in Motor Vehicle Accident Causes: Distracted Driving Distracted driving has been admonished by federal and state administrations who are describing the behavior as the new drunk driving. The comparisons between distracted driving and impaired driving are palpable, with a remarkable link being that they are both completely preventable! Distracted Driving Statistics… Read More »

Personal Injury Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets in California: More Than the Law; Potential Lifesavers The State of California requires all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear helmets that meet or exceed federal safety standards while riding on a motorcycle. The California Vehicle Code Section 27803 also applies to motor-driven cycles and motorized bicycles. The exposed nature of motorcyclists… Read More »

Personal Injury and Your Livelihood: What’s at Stake When You Get Hurt in an Accident?

Personal injury can be life-changing in more ways than one. Getting hurt in an accident is more than a disruption of your physical health, but an assault on your personal and professional life, including your financial standing. One unplanned medical bill and one unpaid absence from work can harm your existing budget and begin… Read More »

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